For years, one question has been debated furiously among the fashion elite- humans or dogs: who models hats better? Now, after hours of pained research, we at Pawsomebox turn the question over to you. To help you decide, here are our top 5 dogs wearing hats better than humans…

Our Top 5 Dogs Wearing Hats:

1.dogs wearing hats

We wish we were enjoying the sun as much as this little guy right now!

2.dogs wearing hats


Move over Queen Elizabeth, this lovely labrador is taking the crown for floral sophistication!


3.dogs wearing hats

With his broody eyes and solemn pout, this dog is outposing the best of London’s hat models. Still sure it should be called a “cat”walk?


4.dogs wearing hats

This up and coming talent from the concrete jungle shows love for his roots with his hat homage to the Big Apple.


5.dogs wearing hats

Hats off to this dapper gentlemen!

As you can see, these dogs are proud to wear their hats, staying cool and outstyling us all while doing so!

Do you have any top dogs willing to take the crown? Send us your entries, and may the best hat model win!

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