Olive oil in a dogs diet

The part played by olive oil is rightly regarded as an integral part of our diet, but it can also be a good supplement to feed to a dog thanks to its many benefits.

Olive oil in a dogs diet

First of all, olive oil represents a non-saturated fat which is essential to a balanced diet. Not only will it help your pet lose weight, but it will help it to build up the amount of ‘essential fats’ it has (the body is not only made from sinew!) Olive oil can also reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

Olive oil is great for the brain, for both canines and humans – as it prevents cognitive decline and also works as brain food – increasing your energy levels too.
In terms of prevention, olive oil helps to enable the maximum cognitive ability of an older animal. It is also a great energy booster, causing improvements to blood circulation and to breathing, leading to hours of fun! It’s definitely worth considering including olive oil in a dogs diet!

Olive oil


To put it briefly, there are so many benefits to providing your favourite four-legged friend with olive oil. From shedding a couple of pounds to a shining radiant coat, check out these 8 reasons that you should be including olive oil in your dogs diet!

1) Helps the eater lose weight

2) Defends the immune system

3) Promotes optimal health

4) Extends canine life

5) Great for the brain

6) Boosts energy levels

7) Makes their coat look fabulous

8) It is just great in general!

Olive oil

Do you include olive oil in your dog’s diet? And if so, in what way?

If not, did we convince you to start? Please let us know – we would love to hear back from you!

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