Want to Learn More About the Egyptian Mau?

Want to Learn More About the Egyptian Mau?


We began to hear more and more about the Egyptian Mau throughout the 50s in the United States.
The History Behind the Egyptian Mau

Under the Ancient Egyptian Empire, the Egyptian Mau was represented on papyrus as well as in the form of sculptures.
The word “mau” signifies “cat” in the Ancient Egyptian language and this cat is considered to be the oldest existing cat in the world.

The Princess Natalie Troubetskoï from the Russian and Polish Troubetskoï Princely lineage, discovered this cat during her exile in Italy during the second world war. In 1953, she would become the owner of a male and a female of this breed. The Princess’ two Egyptian Maus would then give birth to a little kitten called Jo-Jo.

In 1956, the Princess would emigrate to the United States with her kitties and the following year the cats would be the fruit of much curiosity to the public eye.

This ancient breed would then be recognised by the CFA (Cat Fancier’s Association).

Its characteristics

It is a short haired cat. It can weigh up to 5kg and has a muscular body.
It has large green eyes, big pointy ears, a triangular shaped head with dark round shaped marks.

There are 3 known colours of the cat’s coat: bronze with black round shaped marks, a silvery coloured coat with black round shaped marks and a smoky coloured coat with greyish and black marks.

Character traits

The Egyptian Mau is a cat that shows its curiosity in an intelligent and elegant way. This cat also enjoys playing around leisurely. However, it tends to be shy with people it doesn’t know.

It is possible that during moults its spots may become less visible.