Buying a Border collie?

Buying a Border collie?

Buying a border collie?


So are you thinking of buying a border collie puppy or adopting one. I would love to share with you some of the things I have learn’t from years of experience with the breed. I have two border collies myself, my family have eight in total. I grew up with them on farms in South Africa which gives me 25 years of experience with the breed.

They are the most loving, kind, excitable, strong minded, clever breed I have ever had the pleasure of bringing into my family. You will need a lot of time on your hands to pay them attention, so lots of fun walks and family time needed. They need stimulation so toys are great to keep them happy, they are extremely playful.

I have to admit my dogs Bella and Juniper are a huge part of my family, it is like having children. They are always on the go but the love they give you back is beautiful. Having the time to spend with border collies is crucial to the way they behave, lots of fun training is needed, they pick up tricks quickly.

If you enjoy long walks and going to the beach, border collies will love you for this. Mine come back so happy and sleepy, seeing their faces on the beach is heart warming.

Owning a collie is a full time job, one I would never give up.