Take a visit to the Buckingham Palace gift shop and you won’t be really surprised when you see all of the Corgi memorabilia. Mugs, posters, t-shirts and anything else you could imagine a Corgi picture to be on.

For years the Corgi has been the beloved loyal companion to Queen Elizabeth II. In fact, the queen has had Corgis longer than she’s been married to Prince Phillip. Receiving Susan, the first Corgi, on the Queens 18th Birthday the Queen has since then bred them over a period of 70 years. Susan then gave birth to a pair of puppies, becoming the foundation bitch in the Royal Corgi Breeding Programme.

Since then the Corgis have now become Dorgis, after being crossbred with Princess Margaret’s own Dachshund.

On the Queen’s ninetieth birthday, Buckingham Palace released a series of Images taken by photographer, Annie Leibovitz to mark the special occasion. One of the portraits with her “Dorgis”, seems to show the Queen truly relaxed and at home.


Since then speculation is that the Queen will have no more Corgis, after Willow and Holly. An insider claims that she worries about too many dogs around her feet and the danger that she could fall and hurt herself, leaving her not being able to perform, her duties, which would greatly upset her.

It seems like Prince William is going to have to keep up the tradition of Corgis. Sorry Lupo!