Gavel the German Shepherd was fired from a job as a police dog for being too friendly for his line of work. Instead of sniffing for explosives and searching for criminals for the Queensland Police Service in Brisbane, Australia, Gavel was more interested in cuddles and belly rubs!

However, because he is such a good boy, it didn’t take him long before he found himself another job and all he has to do for this role is be his charming, friendly self. Gavel’s new position is now the official Vice-Regal Dog.

Governor Paul de Jersey met Gavel for the first time when he was just 10 weeks old as he was supposed to live at his official residence throughout his training. As soon as he found out Gavel’s training was to be cancelled because he was too friendly, the governor stepped in and adopted him.

After Gavel signed his very own contract, it was time for him to get down to his duties of welcoming visitors and attending official ceremonies, often while dressed in his smart little uniform.