As the warm weather approaches in the coming summer months, it is important to make sure our moggies are keeping cool and safe. Below are our top tips for helping your cat deal with the rising temperatures this summer!

#1 Make sure they have plenty of water – this tip may seem like common sense but it is important to regularly check your cat’s water bowl and fill it up whenever it’s low.

#2 Ensure there are shaded areas in your garden – if you have a cat that likes to venture outside and there are no shaded areas in your garden, try creating a shaded spot using sheets and cardboard. If you have a shed or greenhouse, also be sure to check your cat is not inside when you shut them at night.

#3 Brush your cat regularly – Matted hair traps heat so it is necessary to groom them regularly, or daily if possible. This is especially important for long-haired cats.

#4 Keep your cat out of conservatories and greenhouses – Both of these get extemely hot even in mild temperatures. They both exclude cooling breezes and exagerate the heat. While our cats can be experts at hiding, make sure they’re not trapped in either one of these places.

#5 Use a damp towel to cool your cat down – The warmest part of a cat’s body is their tummies, the pads of their paws, under their arms, under their chin, and the outside of their ears. Although cats hate getting wet, try using a cool, damp cloth to gently stroke your cat with from their head and down their back to cool them down gently.

#6 Keep your cat indoors – When the temperature really soars, consider keeping your outdoor cat inside during the hottest part of the day.

While all of these tips are great for keeping your cat comfortable and cool during the summer months, it is also very important to look out for signs of dehydration and heat stroke and to be vigilant to the risk of sunburn. While darker coloured cats will feel the heat more, your lighter coloured moggies are at greater risk of sunburn if out in the sun for too long. Seek veterinary care if you are unsure.