In recent years, the households of us humans have become ridden with smartphones, laptops and smart TV’s which have drastically reshaped the way we communicate, find information and entertain ourselves. But have you ever taken a moment to think about how this technological revolution is affecting our feline friends?

It turns out that in many cases (but not all), our kitties have adapted quite well to the life tangled wires and computer mouses! Don’t believe it? Scroll down and see for yourself!


#1 Bothering the Human.
#2 The warm thing.

#3 The ‘mouse’ 🙄
#4 The weird 2D bird.
#5 The evolution of yarn.
#6 Virtual Friends
#7  The dry fishies.
#8 Kitternet dating.
#9 Having fun.

#10 Working out.
#11 The hide-out.
#12 Photos with the human are not the same.
#13 Looking meowt the window.
#14 When you realise the mouse is more than just a toy.
 Chilling on the TV.