As the nights draw in and the temperatures begin to drop it is common for humans to enter a temporary state of melancholy, after all, the summer is over and christmas seems so far away. However for many of us, and especially our canine friends, this marks the start of a beautiful time of the year which is Autumn!

I personally love nothing more than going for a long walk in the woods on a misty morning amongst the rustling brown leaves. The following pooches, however, seem to experience whole new levels of satisfaction from coordinating the perfect skid-role into piles of leaves. And hey seeing them enjoying it makes it all the better for us!

Here, Pawsomebox have put together our top seven videos of dogs who are making the most of this spectacular natural phenomena!

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#1 This dog is sure that there is treasure hidden in the pile of leaves!

#2 This pooch has taken hide and seek to a whole new level.

#3 The prairie dog decendant.
#4 ‘Pug life’ leaf landing.

#5 Lively leaf buddies.

#6 The jolly pounce.

#7 These leaves don’t stand a chance!