As the world around us gradually ascends into a Christmas wonderland, many of you will soon be thinking about putting up your tree, and your furballs, well, they just can’t wait for the perfect opportunity to jump all over it. Those dangling wires and shimmering decorations are just too much for them to resist. The result of this festive frenzy can often be a destroyed Christmas tree lying on the floor amongst decorations which you previously spent hours trying to put up.

Not to worry though, when there is a problem, there is a solution! Below you can find our top seven examples of genius ideas to protect your tree from total destruction.


#1 Extreme measures must be taken when there is a fox in the house.

#2 Hoover*tree = safe tree.#3 Christmas is saved!#4 The ultimate cat Christmas tree.#5 Every time he tries to climb the tree, we make him wear the Christmas outfit for 15 minutes.#6 Safe to say that this tree will not be tampered with.#7 Try and steel the decorations now, cat.