Last Christmas eve, a greedy little pooch named Bubba decided to execute the perfect crime: steal and eat an entire Christmas Turkey. The dog’s owner David Barrett from Prestwick, had not even realised what had happened until the dog rolled over and collapsed on the floor. Bubba was so stuffed that he was literally unable to move.

Although it was an incredibly sneaky and selfish act, Bubba proved that he still has a little heart beating somewhere inside of him by leaving a small chunk of Turkey for the rest of the humans to eat. How kind of him.

Luckily for the Barretts, the Christmas dinner was saved by some relatives bringing over another turkey and Buddy was let off with only a New Year diet as a punishment.

David decided to share this hilarious story on Twitter where he tweeted “No chance has my dog scranned the whole turkey for tomorrow”. Followed by a picture with the caption: “There’s the culprit, she can’t move.” Check out the feed below!

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